In Ukraine appeared the first electrospray!

Ukraine officially joins the ranks of the countries in which owners of electric vehicles have a real chance to recharge the battery not only at home in the Parking lot, as well as ordinary automobile gas station. The first similar station was opened at OKKO filling station network, raspolozena she's in Kyiv at the address: prospect Geroev Stalingrada, 1A.

As noted in the "OKKO" network, this station was opened for development prospects, and is a kind of test action. "That is to say, we are ahead of consumer demand. The number of electric vehicles in the world increases every day, and soon a similar trend will reach our country", — said the employee of the press service of network "OKKO" Oleh Dorozhovets. As said Dorozhovets, opening this plant allows you not only to watch the reaction of drivers, but also to increase the number of electric vehicles in the country. "It's kind of a vicious circle: there is no infrastructure because there are no electric cars, no electric cars because there is no infrastructure. We're just trying to break this cycle," — said the representative of the network.

The station is equipped with a charger EVT050 the Finnish company Ensto and special safe counter which can save the battery from power surges and possible fire. A full charge is 6-8 hours and costs drivers absolutely for free. It should be noted that rapid charging (approx 30 minutes and 80% of the battery) at the station is missing.

Then, says Dorozhovets, Ukraine will definitely appear complete network of electric filling stations, although the pace of implementing such technology are entirely dependent on the demand for them.

Remember that conducted test drive of serial electric car, which is now in Ukraine is represented by the compact Mitsubishi iMiev and crossover BYD e6.

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