Eco-project of the European space Agency

The European space Agency presented the ambitious project "Foster + Partners", which involves the construction of a house on the moon. This house, design architects, must be created on a 3D printer, installed on the moon, and to have a special resistance to meteorites.

The project is a house on the moon for four people, which can counter the threat of meteorites, gamma radiation and temperature fluctuations. Based on the fact that the transportation of construction materials to the moon is a daunting task, the team considers the use of local 3D printing as a reasonable solution. Moon base Foster + Partners is a landmark project for the industry of 3D printing that could pave the way to lunar colonization in the future. Part of the lunar base could be transported by rocket in a tubular module, which will also serve to further secure the entrance to the base.

The structure, designed by Foster + Partners is being tested on a smaller scale with simulated lunar soil in a vacuum chamber, which is similar to a special lunar conditions. If the project will give the green light, the moon room is located on the South pole of the moon, which receives continuous daylight.

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