The most cruel experiments in the history of psychology

In 1965, eight-month-old baby Bruce Reimer, who was born in Winnipeg, Canada, on the advice of doctors, carried out the circumcision. However, the surgeon who carried out the operation made a mistake and damaged the boy's penis.

The child's parents appealed for help to the psychologist John Mani, who advised them to change the sex of the child and raise him as a girl, that he subsequently experienced a complex about his impotency.

Soon Bruce became Brenda. However, parents were not even aware that their child is monitored in a cruel experiment: John Mani for a long time tried to prove that gender is not inherent nature, and produced education, and Bruce was an ideal subject.

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In the articles Mani described the success of this experiment. But family and teachers noticed the child's symptoms boyish behavior. In addition, parents, hiding from the son-daughter the truth, was subjected to severe emotional stress.

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When Bruce was a teenager, John Mini insisted on a new operation, in which the Brand was to form female genital organs. But the child rebelled and flatly refused surgery and ceased to appear at receptions Mani.

He changed his name to David, started wearing men's hairstyle and clothes. In 1997, he underwent a series of reconstructive operations to restore physical sex. He later married and adopted three of her children.

But the happy ending of this story has not crowned: in may 2004, David broke up with his wife and committed suicide at the age of 38 years.

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