The merciless alarm clock

If you can't Wake up early in the morning, if you click "Snooze" (repeat) so much that then don't be late, then you definitely need not just an alarm clock...

"Ramos" — the merciless alarm clock on the planet, so that you will get a hard time for you. The sound of this device you can not ignore and turn off the alarm by pressing the button won't work, because it is not there. There's only one way to get rid of those unbearable sounds to enter the code on the panel with the keyboard installed in another room. The cost of this alarm reaches 800$, so break it down you decide. In this device there is a battery built there specifically if you want to pull the plug from the socket. In addition, the regime "Lockdown" does not allow to move the clock to another time before the moment of awakening. Therefore, the only way to get out of bed, go into another room and enter the code. And this, in turn, requires some brain activity. In other words, when the alarm stops ringing, you're already fully awake.

It's cruel device is the brainchild of new York-based engineer Paul of Summit, who works at Stevens Institute of Technology. Once the Floor, it was very difficult to Wake up in the morning, and he decided to develop an alarm clock that will help him to solve this problem.

His invention successfully uses Gender for more than a year and wakes up exactly when it is needed.

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