The London water tower of the 19th century turned into a high-rise building

Reconstruction of old water towers in order to transform them into housing in recent times-table trend. The London water tower, built in 1867, is one of the highest and most imposing that can be seen and is a wonderful example of turning an old building into a comfortable and environmentally friendly living space.

Architector Lee Osborne transformed the 145-year old structure in a housing, which he describes as "one of the most wasteful and eccentric places to stay in the city." According to a recent article published in the Penarth Times, Osborne and his partner Graham Vause spent a few months time and around two million pounds ($3.2 million) to repair and convert the Gothic water tower in one of a kind home.

Eight-story water tower was built for nahodyascheesya next to a correctional labor colony, Lambeth and hospitals, and at the end of its construction in 1867 was the tallest water tower in all of London. But in the 20th century the tower ceased to be used and it has become a home to thousands of pigeons. “Inside there were about 2,000 dead birds and litter layer reaches the top of rubber boots! ” said Osborne in an interview with the Penarth Times.

In addition, the tower was built a modern Elevator, which blends in perfectly with the original twisted ladder. Osborne has transformed and also the top of the tower, which previously served as a capacity for 750,000 gallons of water in a penthouse with a full 360 degree view of London.

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