Why not have a knife?

Every man familiar from childhood rule: you do not have a knife. This was repeated to us mothers and grandmothers that we never thought to do it, and the habit to eat only with hands, fork or spoon was on an instinctive level. So why not have a knife?

The first reason is taboo – you can easily damage the tongue that really hurt.

Second, it entails a lot of superstitions and legends. In one of the superstitions claim that due to the licking of the food can cause problems with the heart, the other person can become evil. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the knife is one of the most aggressive items. Of course, there is no evidence, but a lot of people believe in it.


Thirdly, the laws of esotericism assert that any sharp object is a bad influence on the human aura. On the tip of a knife, collected the evil energy, and if we bring it to the body, it is possible to break. I think that because of this, you may experience discomfort, worsening of mood, a person can catch a sense of apathy or depression, may even weaken the immune system.



The knife is considered one of the most common murder weapons, from its approximation to man can be a bad influence on his aura.

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