5 of the most absurd things, once considered useful

Throughout its existence, mankind constantly looking for ways to treat diseases, prolong life and keep yourself in good shape.

Listed below are 5 means that at certain historical stages was considered a panacea.

1. Mercury

In the 16th century, John hunter argued that with the help of mercury could cure syphilis. As it turned out, he took one of the stages of remission for healing. John died of a heart attack when he proved that his remedy is really healing.

Fifty nine million four hundred fifteen thousand forty one

2. Tobacco

First used tobacco for medicinal purposes by the aborigines of the New world in the 15th century. It's been smoked to disinfect, to relieve headaches and syndromes of a cold. It was even used as anesthesia. When tobacco was brought to Europe, it was mistaken as a panacea, and called epithets like "Holy herb" and "divine medicine".

In India from tobacco made of tobacco paste and used for dental treatment.

Nineteen million eighty one thousand nine hundred sixty two

3. Lobotomy

In the 1890-ies it was thought that the dissection of the brain could cure people with mental illness. In 1940-50 years, this method was at the peak of popularity.

A little later, Walter Freeman invented a method which he called "transorbital lobotomy". First, by means of an electroshock patient brought in unconscious state, then introduced the knife, like a knife, ice pick, into the gap above the eyeball. Thus, the doctors cut through the fibers of the frontal lobes. This procedure was carried out for both sides.

Seventy million three hundred thirty thousand seven hundred eighty nine

4. LSD-therapy

Throughout the 1950s and 60s years, scientists believed that this drug helps with alcoholism, schizophrenia and correction of criminal behavior. What is also interesting is the Norwegian scientists are still exploring LSD as a remedy for alcoholism and schizophrenia.

Seventy million one hundred ninety nine thousand seven hundred one

5. Bloodletting

For centuries, physicians used bloodletting to ease the condition of patients in a number of diseases, including pneumonia, fever, back pain, rheumatism, headaches, melancholia, etc.

With the help of this method, was treated by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. This procedure was popular until the early 19th century. Initially the idea was that the disease causing evil spirit which needs to be let out of the body together. Later, bloodletting was considered by physicians necessary to maintain the balance of liquids, the violation of which seemed to be the cause of all health problems.

Forty million three hundred twelve thousand five hundred seventy one

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