Let's just stipulate one rather important point.

Smoking is bad for your health. Health from nicotine, no matter in what form do you eat it, you will not.

Smoking or non-smoking - let everyone chooses. But remember the first lines of the text, and let all of these simply accepts as historical digression. Agreed?
So. How it all began? Yes, from the very the innocent man in the world - Christopher Columbus.
"Columbus discovered America, the great sailor» © ingenious song from the genius of the movie. Indeed, it opened. However, he was convinced that he had discovered a new route to India, something for which he actually sailed from his non-native Spanish coast. And I discovered America. The song and the popular rumor says that "at the same time he taught people to smoke tobacco." However, it was not so.
I met him and his companions representatives tribe "Taino" were holding a rolled bundle of leaves of the plant in "Cohiba» (Cohiba), wrapped in leaves of maize. And "drank from them smoke." Columbus marveled at the fact, accepted a gift leaves Cohiba, but without giving them values, threw her overboard. But his companion, Rodrigo Jerez, as they say, was involved. On his return to Spain, he has demonstrated the ability to "drinking smoke" in public, for which he was jailed. At that time it was believed that the emission of smoke from the orifices of the body - a sign of possession by the devil.

It took some time, the Spaniards poobvykli in a new place, we started to discover new lands and ... began to discover the meaning of these smoky bundles - "Tobacco." Multi wise Bernardino Sahagun, a monk by profession, a botanist by vocation, studied and classified the plant that the Indians smoked. And identified two main types - Nicotiana Tabacum (noble plant with beautiful and lush flowers and large leaves, but naughty) and Nicotiana Rustica (a plant with leaves smaller, flowers more inconspicuous, but according to grow almost anywhere - even on the lands of Chernigov province). Tobacco began growing. Opened its first tobacco production in Cuba (which is typical, the first plantations were still in the Dominican Republic). Still later, by order of the Spanish crown all tobacco grown in Cuba are sent to the Spanish city of Seville. Where from it twisted world's first cigar - a method of tobacco use, coined by Spanish corsairs. That is, all as now - filling, tying a sheet wrapper and no maize. They twist them not on the hips mulatto (this myth and how it was actually can tell apart). Steep them for table-Table.
Here, the most patient reader, come down to these lines, shall have the right to exclaim, "Hey, dear, that for an omelet, but as the same eggs?» © Disco Crash. I mean, what's the cigarettes? The fact that tobacco was then rare and costly commodity. Cigars and kurilis swirled everywhere, but - people wealthy. And what to do rather poor Spanish townspeople are not accustomed to smoke a clay pipe in the example of the Dutch sailor and an English citizen? Enviously watch who came into the tavern Spanish nobleman and deftly pick thrown their cigarette butts of cigars. These stubs can be crushed and wrapped in a tobacco leaf or paper. And to enjoy tobacco. In fact, so were born the first cigarettes - then gave a life of cigarettes.

The idea to wrap tobacco into another, also combustible material, easily dispersed around the world. And while the world reigned cigars and pipes, calm quiet life lived and cigarettes. The cigarette did not have to wrap the noble Nikotiana TABACUM. It approaches and democratic Nikotiana Rustica. In particular, Nikotiana Rustica from the Dutch city of Amersfoort and gave it a beautiful and painfully native Russian word - "shag". Tobacco began growing on the territory of the Russian Empire. Chernigov province, Krasnodar region, the Crimean peninsula ...
During the Crimean War, the Turkish gunners found that tobacco can be driven into the empty cartridges from the gunpowder. This innovation is dispersed by their British allies, then and opponents - Russian. Hence it was half a step before the invention of the first machines for the production of cigarettes (cigarettes, as an object with a filter, there later).

But cigarettes are not dead. Came First World War, the Revolution came. Production, including cigarettes, stopped. A need still exists, no one had been canceled. The case went to grown tobacco - Nikotiana Rustica that grew wherever it planted. Grown tobacco and paper with revolutionary proclamations - that still need soldiers in the trenches, to twist a cigarette and using it, for a while to forget about hunger and to give respite psyche?

A short period of building a new society ... and World War II. The Great Patriotic War. The diet of the soldiers already have tobacco, already have rules of its consumption. Western cigarette companies send to the front huge free lot is currently forming a class of consumers of its brand. Our soldiers are again weighed and shag tobacco. Remaining in the rear of the wives and girlfriends sew pouches, which are then stored tobacco, from which spinning again, all the same, has not changed cigarettes. Who saw the recording of the song Shulzhenko "Let's light up, comrade, for one," he drew attention to her gestures, which she showed how cool hand-rolled cigarette.

Tobacco, and I do not presume to give it any assessment should be compared with the bread in the besieged Leningrad. God forbid that any of us who are not able to fully understand what is actually experienced them, short-term relief from what gave them tobacco. On Leningradskaya tobacco factory make tobacco blends - the tobacco mingled with the dried leaves that were collected in parks schoolchildren. The most common and successful version of a mixture - with maple leaves. He gave the illusion that you smoke almost pure tobacco.

The habit of tobacco and cigarettes remained for many after the war. Despite the fact that the industry and the production was restored. Yet, this has not been linked to the surge of interest in this type of tobacco in the 60s. The era of the hippie era to deny even the very need for time-sharing in the era. Time freedom and nezavismosti. The time when the old must give way to the new. And one of the symbols of this time began ... cigarettes. You do not smoke cigarettes, old fart who smoked you smoked a cigarette, which he did. Needless to say that sometimes, wrapped in cigarette tobacco is not quite.

It took a little more time. And interest in cigarettes rose again. Yes, it is once again a symbol of freedom - "I choose for myself and doing my cigarette - how much and what it is tobacco," a symbol of originality and distinction from the majority. But, at the same time, in Western Europe, it is also a symbol of thrift - cigarettes and tobacco are cheaper than buying ready-made cigarettes stuffed with goodness knows what and impregnated also knows what.

Here's a story of one of the oldest tobacco products. And once again I ask if you really got to these lines - then go up again and read the first line.
Thank you.

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