Our grandfathers shocked Germans (2 photos + text)

During the Second World War, the Soviet Army was a lot of rockets.
The best known were considered - the M-13, they are set to "Katyusha".
Later, there were M-20 and M-30, and we'll talk about them.

Somewhere in the middle of the forty-two years in the Soviet Army entered the M-20 warhead that was three and a half times more powerful than the M-13. Very soon put into service and the M-30 - six times more powerful than the M-13.
M-20 is easily screwed to "Katiousha", but because of the slightly larger dimensions, these missiles have to run in a row, rather than two as M-13. But under the M-30, the guide did not manage to alter (it's worth noting that they did prisobachit to Katusha, but only the 44th year). By this, to launch the M-30 launchers supplied machines, with a simple system of angle adjustment ...
In such a machine, right in the original packaging container stacked first four, then eight and M-30. Broadside produced using conventional electric sapper machine, and, as a rule, in the range included several machines. The simultaneous launch provided the addition of shock pulses, which greatly enhances the effect, compared with separate starts.

And now, because of the normal and quite understandable reluctance of the end user to read the documentation (to be precise, the manual simply expenditures on cigarettes), on battlefields often happened next. In preparation for the launch often forget to remove the struts holding the shell in a wooden box (original packaging) during transport. If the spacers are not removed, then the whole xy # @ t started with the box, and there were times that with the machine!
This design was the size of about 1, 5 to 2 meters, which leads to conversations in the ranks of the Germans that the Russian quite @ hueli and shoot them sheds!

Source: webdiscover.ru


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