The same Katyusha Mikhailova!

Remember almost symbolic history of Russian girls Katyusha songs from Michael and Matthew Isakovskogo Blanter which so loved to sing before the war? It was the story of a gentle, loving songstress, landfall spring, povit fog river.

According to a new song sounded in the Great Patriotic War. The people there were dozens of new options. Who was just not in their character songs: and a fighter with a gun in his hand, and loyal friend of a soldier waiting for his return with a victory, and front-line nurse ...
History Katyusha Mikhailova (nee Demin) is very similar to the story of her namesake of the famous song. The daughter of the commander of the Red Army left in early childhood an orphan, she was brought up in an orphanage Leningrad. Nine classes so schoolyard nursing courses were all her education by the summer of 1941.
Brother, who served at the time the pilot at the border in Brest, invited her on a vacation to come to him. In the morning, already at Smolensk, it woke explosions: German planes bombed the train, and she first saw the panic, blood and smert.V a light dress with hand suitcase, which lay only polbatona bread and a piece of sausage, she, along with the surviving passengers walk back in Smolensk. The next morning she came to the city military enlistment. Adding to his 14-year-old age two years, enrollment has made the Red Army and sent to the front.
So Katya Mihailova became combat soldier front edge. She went to explore, together with infantry fire to repel the attacks of the enemy, bandaging wounds of his comrades. Late autumn on the distant outskirts of Moscow under Gzhatsk her badly wounded in the leg, and she was in the hospital. From there began again to ask at the front. "I will send you to Stalingrad, to the military hospital ship" Red Moscow ", - said the Commissar. So Kate hit the fleet.
- At Stalingrad we took away the wounded - burnt tankers, pilots. Sometimes they looked like mummies of bandages, only the eyes and mouth visible. We were fed from a spoon (for one tour of duty had to take care of 900 wounded) - recalled Katya Mihailova.
Write a letter to Stalin, she has achieved enrollment in the Marines. Before her girls there did not take. On the 369 th battalion of marines Catherine fought its way to the waters and shores of the Caucasus and Crimea, Azov and Black Seas, the Dniester and the Danube, on the ground - Romania and Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Austria ...
Three combat medals, five combat medals ... Medal "For Courage" - for taking Temriuk.
Order of the Patriotic War - for Kerch. Night landing in a storm on a deserted beach. Little "snout" reclaiming melee bridgehead villages Zhikovka and Gleick. At night, from the Taman shore girl pilots flew on high-sounding "U-2" and the sailors threw crackers and canned goods. Well with fresh water appeared between German and our trenches. At night, managed to draw water, day people thirsty. Only Kate sometimes rescued sailors.
Germans already know that among the sailors, defending a small bridgehead, there is one woman. They even knew her name. Sometimes, during the hours of silence from the German trenches shouted:
 - Eng sailor! Russian Ivan! Show Katyusha! Shoot - no.
Then she left the parapet on his gun, took the bucket and went to his full height to the well. "Kate, come back! Katyusha, kill! "- Shouted after sailors. But it was, and the Germans did not shoot, they laughed and leaned out of the trenches, waving her hands and played the harmonica, "Katyusha stepped out." The girl returned with a full bucket and sailors gave to drink ...
After the liberation of Crimea battalion was transferred under Odessa. Assault began Belgorod-Dniester. It took at night, landing with rubber boats from the steep bank of the Dniester estuary. Landed under enemy machine-gun fire, the bright glow of flares. In the water near the shore were seven rows of barbed wire, and behind them rose five-meter cliff, with a crest which scribbled machine guns and attacking paratroopers flew in German grenades.
The first ladder, thrown from the boat, where there was Kate, hit a mine. According to a second ahead of the other girl jumped into the water. Shouting "Hurrah!" And his constant "Stand from under!", The sailors threw wire coat and cape. Kate was one of the first under the cliff. Small, agile, she clinging to the roots and branches of bushes, and quickly climb up and go down the winding, dragged to his comrades, raised the gun. Then they rushed to the attack and cleared the crest of the Nazi machine gunners. For this fight Katia was the first Order of the Red Banner.
Then there were the medal "For the Liberation of Belgrade", "For the Capture of Budapest", "For the capture of Vienna". But of all the most memorable fights for her - storm the fortress Ilok in December 1944 ...
Ignoring the injured arm, she bandaged the wounded comrades. Neck-deep in cold water in December went from tree to tree, climbing on the branches to the wounded and tied them to the trunk bandages and lap belts that did not fall down (the island on which they landed, was under water). But then again, picked up a gun. Of the fifty Marines left only thirteen ...
Katya, already weakened from loss of blood, numb in the icy water, the surviving paratroopers suffered at the hands of a boat coming up and sent to the hospital. But soon ran away from there - to catch up with his battalion ...
During the battle of Ilok Katya Mihailova was promoted to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.



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