The benefits of pregnancy for the female body

Maybe someone will seem a little strange, and someone at first, and altogether absurd, but the pregnancy is clearly beneficial. And, first of all, the woman.

The female body is designed for pregnancy and birth, and held the pregnancy as best as possible impact on physiology (in spite of the complications and issues that occur sometimes). It is an excellent prevention of breast cancer and various gynecological diseases (for example, many after birth itself undergoes erosion, dissolve a cyst or a fibroid).

Relief of manifestations of autoimmune diseases. During pregnancy, the intensity of the pathogenic processes in the body decreases and there is a kind of tolerance to the developing embryo. Therefore, during pregnancy, many women note a partial and sometimes complete remission, because what kind of autoimmune system of the body during pregnancy resting.

Undoubted benefits – the redefining of values that occurs in women with the onset of pregnancy. It becomes more experienced, wiser.

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life. Her body was born a new life. This life grows and develops, changing every second. In any case, the woman's body remains unchanged, and only changing for the better.

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