Ukrainian analogue of the Dead sea

Unique mud resort Kuyalnik Liman, which can be compared with the Dead sea in Israel. It is located near the Black sea. Its properties are appreciated Zaporozhian Cossacks, who mined in it salt of the highest quality, and then turned Kuyalnik one of the largest salt pans all over Europe.

For 70 years, the world has delivered more than half a million tons of salt. The main value of Kuyalnik is its astonishing healing properties. Kuyal'nitskogo brine and mud help slower all inflammatory processes in the human body, strengthen the immune system and help to restore the function of damaged organs and body systems.

Mineral water Kuyalnik plant helps to restore the gastrointestinal tract. In contrast to the completely lifeless waters of the Dead sea, in Kuyalnik constantly present living organisms – bloodworms (larvae of mosquito) and Artemia (zhabronogie racec). A huge cluster of the crustaceans during their mating season stains the water of the estuary in scarlet.

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