The safest place on Earth: where is it?

Every man fearing for his own life, he can decide and choose the place where to live.

Analysts say that the number of natural disasters and cataclysms will increase, but don't mind that they can be more and more ambitious. Over the last few years the number of victims from natural disasters has increased quite dramatically.

The issue of security of life becomes a subject of interest of a huge number of people. What could be natural disasters, and where they "live" on our planet. One of the strongest elements on the planet is considered to be the oceanic element, which claimed many lives and left homeless millions of people. Themselves weak in front of the ocean I think of Southeast and South Asia, and even USA can't promise to residents of their territories protected from the elements.

The second most affected continent called Africa, especially the Central part. War, famine, pestilence – the list of reasons why living here is not only difficult, but also incredibly dangerous.


North and Central America is also not safe. Tornadoes, powerful snow, or diametrically opposed to exhausting a long drought – all of this can be accept, especially because the capacity of the countries of these continents can afford it.

That natural disasters of the 21st century are the result of global warming, already nobody doubts. Scientists have long predicted different scenarios of what disasters await us in the future, and pleased to know that the most secure places in this regard — Russia and Ukraine.

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