5 ideas on how to spend a date with my husband

Marriage is not a reason to forget about the honeymoon phase. It's just a way each time to see each other in new ways!
        1. Walk through the memorial places
I guess every couple has "their" space. It can be a Park where you had your first date, perhaps a theater where you first kissed. To refresh your memories — is exactly like both of you.


        2. Osvoivt he new classes together
To try something new with your spouse — it's just a great way to further bring you closer and add romance to the relationship. For example, you both want to learn to skate — go to the rink.


        3. Cultural tours
To be quite developed people, organize trips to exhibitions, theatre, go to concerts. Very well, if your tastes in this respect coincide. If not, do this: one day in one place chooses a man, the other is you.
        4. Back to my childhood
Even if you are already Mature and accomplished person, don't be afraid sometimes to fall into childhood. Go with her husband to the zoo, amusement Park, circus, taste the cotton candy and go on the biggest slide.


        5. Classic
Nobody was against exciting meeting in a cafe. Even if you or husband is a wonderful cook, Express this idea in one night. Wear beautiful dress, make an elegant styling, let the husband wear a suit and go spend the evening with candles and delicious dishes without household chores!


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