Unexplained phenomena – the girl who never ages

The doctors are baffled and interested in the girl who never ages. The years pass, but Brooke Greenberg remains a baby. No one was able to explain how and why.

Brooke Greenberg – the girl with the mental ability of the baby from the city of Baltimore, USA. But she was already 16 years old in January of this year. The question remains, why are scientists fascinated Brooke? Among the many incredible cases of children who are unable to grow and develop, the case Brooke is just unique, according to her Dr. Lawrence Pakula.


The point is that this girl does not age in the literal sense of the word. Dr. Richard Walker argues that the body of Brooke is developing as an integral organism. Her part seems to be separate from each other. For example, in the 16 years she still remained the baby teeth, and the bone age is more like 8 years of age. The girl did not reveal any known genetic syndrome, which could explain the phenomenon.

When the mother of this little girl taking her in a stroller in the children's Department of a clothing store and someone asked what age her child, Melanie explains nothing. "My system is that I believe for months," she says.


It should be noted that the Greenberg family has three daughters, who grow and develop like normal children.


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