10 tips to reduce the risk of cancer

The American cancer society learned that more than 650,000 Americans died from cancer-related illnesses in 2007. Some cancers can be prevented, but people can reduce their risk by maintaining some positive health steps.
Here are ten tips for avoiding cancer:
First, second and third — do not smoke. Immediately stop Smoking. Smoking is associated with at least 3 out of 10 cancer deaths, according to the American cancer society.
4) Be active. Inactivity and obesity interact with cancer. At least half an hour of exercise a day will greatly improve your chances.


5) Eat more fruits and vegetables. The American cancer community advises at least 5 servings a day.
6) Limit the amount of red meat and processed meat, and make sure that the meat You eat, normal.
7) you Need to avoid deep frying in oil. Instead use low fat cooking methods such as baking, grilling or steaming. Moreover, you need to choose non-oily products!


8) Limit alcohol or not drink alcohol at all.
9) Protect yourself in the sun. Use sunscreen to limit exposure to UV rays.


10) Girls should get the vaccine against HPV (human papilloma virus) before they are sexually active to help prevent cervical cancer.

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