The energy from the roofs of houses are going to get in Kiev

The total capacity of the units will be 500 MW. About this informed the head of KCSA efficiency Viacheslav lisovyk.

The management have assessed the potential of all roofs of the city of Kiev and it turned out that the area of these roofs is enough to install more than 500 MW of photovoltaic modules. This was discussed during the round table which was dedicated to renewable energy.

As appreciated by the city authorities, technical difficulties with the installation of this system should not be. As most of the roofs in Kiev — flat shape, installing the solar modules will not alter the appearance of buildings.


The only factor that constrains the government to implement this project — too long a payback, since the installation of this equipment will pay for itself after only ten years.

We remind that from April 2013 the Parliament allowed to sell the electricity generated by the roof and facade PV installations at a higher price.

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