Why do girls hide the natural beauty from the guys

Most of the girls early in the relationship doesn't want to seem to your favorite without make-up that became known because of a new study. Thus, 80% of women wait at least a month to show their natural beauty to the new guy. All this time they are ready to Wake up early the men, to have time to apply makeup. And 60% the ladies, sleeping with a guy for convenience and does not remove makeup.

Moreover, 20% of the girls surveyed said that waiting for at least 2 months to show up in front of a favorite without make up 15% of girls ready for this step after 3-6 months, 8% lady need a whole year to stop being so hard on such a serious occasion. Well, 3% of the beauties prefer to boyfriend did not even know what they look like without makeup.

Naturally, after such overwhelming responses, scientists began to wonder why women are so afraid of the effect of natural appearance for your favorite men. That 58% of the respondents said that just look better with makeup, 28% of ladies admitted that when they are dyed, then you feel more confident, and 12% of ladies believe that without makeup they are not as desirable. Well, 2% of the girls openly admitted that fear that if seems man without war paint, it will throw them.

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