Rye bread will help you not to overdo it with food

According to the results of the experiments that are conducted by scientists from Sweden, eating rye bread, which is baked without using yeast, it helps You not to overeat.Does all kinds of bakery products as harmful to health as many people think — say nutritionists.

For example, rye bread is not just bad for your health, but will also help track Your weight, normalizing the feeling of hunger. Bread baked on rye or barley meal, has a slow carbohydrates that take a long time to assimilate the body, slowing down thereby the process of the emergence of feelings of hunger. Moreover, this kind of bread contains many beneficial micro - and macronutrients, rich in fiber and iron. Another unique component of this bread-lysine, which is essential for our body amino acid.

Thus, if we replace the usual white bread in your diet on rye, you'll receive much more nutrients from food. Oh, and about the problems that are associated with obesity, can also be forgotten.

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