What not to do when brewing tea?

Never drink cold tea. If drunk warm or hot tea give the body vitality, clear mind, vision make sharper, eyes vigilantly, iced tea has unpleasant side effects. When it is used in the body is a stagnation of phlegm and cold.

Do not drink tea before meals. If you do not heed this ban, a couple of cups of tea before lunch will lead to the dilution of the saliva. Lunch seem tasteless, at the same time may decrease the absorption your digestive system protein. If you really want to swallow a Cup of tea before a meal, it is better to do it half an hour before meals. Do not drink tea on an empty stomach. The Chinese believed that when a person drinks tea on an empty stomach, the "cold nature of tea", getting inside, can cool the spleen and stomach.

Do not drink tea medicines. Tannin, dissolved in tea, laminating, secrete tannin. The presence of this substance is the cause of the sediment, which give a medication, while they are less digestible. The Chinese surely noticed that tea destroys medicines.


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