Created a watch that will help you to manage your smartphone

Watchmaker-designer Takemasa Og decided to put in the dial conceptual innovation hours CET Wаtch a flock of small, bright fireflies. That and the time showed, and for other purposes was useful. For example, helping to control the phone via the built-in Bluetooth module. Not letters and numbers, and chaotic motions on the screen.

Agile and energetic fireflies, which blink on the touch display conceptual clocks are not just time meters, as watches also act as a remote control for the smartphone and display to transmit information. About the weather, incoming calls and messages, letters and news of interest in the topics of subscription. You just need to learn how to read and understand the movement of the bright points on the screen.

Touch screen TKE Wаtch, in turn, helps you to manage applications of your phone. To adjust the media volume, turn on and off certain functions, but you never know what to do without pulling the phone out of your pocket or bag. To recharge a smart watch, you should connect the charger via miniUSВ to the laptop or computer. The device needs about six hours to be in shape. About the price of this device, the author has not said anything, but on the video you can see this wonderful unit is "alive":

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