How to charge smartphone the fire?

The company BiоLite has introduced a new device by which it is possible to cook outdoors and at the same time charge your mobile phone or other electronic gadget. BiоLite Сampstove distinguished by a more than modest dimensions, thanks to the work device enough a small bundle of dry twigs. While Сampstove guests can cook a full BBQ and do a couple of emergency calls, even if the mobile is low.


Gadget Сampstove BiоLite easy to use. Need to attach slowly orange module that converts thermal energy into electrical energy on the main chamber to fill the chamber with wood and light. A special button on the power supply activates the fan, which will prevent the device from overheating.


As soon as the device reaches a certain temperature, above the USB port is lit green stripe. It is a signal that you can put on the charging smartphone or some other device. It is worth considering that the strength of the current depends on how strong the fire is, so if you cook, for example, rice on low heat, then return the battery to life is unlikely to succeed.

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