Top 3 animals with terrifying teeth

Babirussa (Bаbirusa)
There are animals that are so strange and terrible that we think about how evolution could make these creatures such. Four types of babirusas have an incredibly strange weapon, with which they show acts of aggression.
Endemic to Indonesia, these "Pig-Deer" not just have massive lower canines that are wrapped like fangs on the upper jaw, but the upper canines, which are also bent in the opposite direction, paired with the lower fangs, and directed upwards and backwards towards the head. Males slaughtered each other by these canines during disputes over territory during mating season.
Sixty six million six hundred twenty one thousand nine hundred sixty two

Saber-toothed deer (Sаber-Tоothed Dеer)

Yes, you read that right – the saber-toothed deer. The thought of it being so incredible and terrible, that may be tempted to discard it as fantasy. In fact, several species of ungulates known as "kablowie" live in Eurasia.
Fangs Kabulovich a couple of inches beyond their lower jaw. Unlike the cats from the distant past, musk deer go into battle against other males with their swords, plunging them into each other during mating season.

Eighty nine million three hundred ten thousand five hundred thirteen

Scombridae hidrolik (Raaga)
Back in the days when saber-toothed tiger walked the earth, a terrible scombridae hidrolik developed exactly the same weapons, but curved in the other direction, for its dominance in the rivers. The owner of a length of over 1.2 meters, scombridae hidrolik lives in the waters of the Amazon, immersing your 7-10 inch fangs into the vital organs of his victim.

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