What if you discovered a lump in her breast?

First you need to visit your GP, who will give direction to the oncologist. This, again, is not to be feared. Go to the oncologist, he will give you direction on various studies. Make them necessary. It didn't hurt, not hard and not particularly expensive. In each case, the doctor prescribes individual research, but some of them compulsory for all. This is the mammogram, x-ray, urine and blood tests, electrocardiogram.

After all the analysis is likely you will need to do a simple operation that you will soon forget as a bad dream. And then live happily ever after for many, many years. If you do not do this, then everything will happen absolutely different scenario. This little "sweet pea" grow into big problems, and then you need to be treated much longer and experience much more difficulty and pain, which could have been avoided.

Most importantly, remember that in this case time works against you. And don't think about the bad doctors. Now a lot of different films and TV series, in which incompetent doctors killing the patients. Don't look all that out of your head! You will only a doctor. To fix the faucet or the castle, all refer to the expert. But health is much more expensive, so they take the risk.


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