The 3 most resistant to the death of animals

Many animals adapt to different living conditions, but some of them are Champions of a kind. They are resistant to death, which is almost immortal. They can withstand extreme temperature, abrupt climate change, and many fatal to a normal animal conditions.
        1. Immortal jellyfish
Turritoрsis nutricula, better known as immortal jellyfish, and fully deserves its nickname. After puberty, the creature returns to the initial stage of the polyp and begins to Mature again. This process can be endless, life cycle could be repeated many times.

        2. Hydra

The Hydra is somewhat similar to the immortal jellyfish. But this process, scientists are not yet fully explored. It is known that Hydra had such cameras, which are easy die off and replace them with new.

        3. Fish Lang

Light this tiny fish — its main weapon, which makes her immortal. They give it a chance to survive fairly long periods of drought that last for up to a year. This fish can live to Vratsa in the mud and hibernate for the whole summer, easily having gone through the drought period without any nutrients.

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