The most tenacious animals in the world

These organisms are able to move everything from extreme temperatures, changes in the climate, poor conditions for existence. They will survive in such conditions, which would kill every other creature. So let's find out who these tenacious beasts?

Fish-lang. This little fish is notable for the fact that her lungs to allow her to survive long period without water. She can breathe on land. For example, in the dry period, the fish buries itself in mud and sleep until then, until it rains. The case when the box with the fish, and mud lost for six months, and when she was again found, dirt in the container is completely dried up. He had only to smash the ground like a fish immediately came to life.


Hydra. Her abilities are still not fully understood, but it is known that the structure of Hydra is a camera that is able to die and then regenerate. So her body never byact toxins and no flaws. On this basis, the life cycle of Hydra infinite.


Tihohodka. This animal lives in water and has dimensions of 1.5 mm, but, despite this, she is very tenacious. And yet, to find it everywhere, in any corner of the planet, perhaps it is and in your garden. For the resemblance she received the nickname "water bear", but in viability, it is able to give odds to any animal. Tihohodka tolerates temperatures up to 270 degrees or + 151 degrees Celsius. By the way, radiation does not harm her, too, tihohodka successfully brings the level of radiation, which killed all living things, and even increased in 1000 times.


Wood Veta. An insect that looks like cockroach and living in New Zealand is in the blood protein, not giving a blood clotting, so it can withstand the lowest temperature.


The immortal jellyfish. Medusa is entirely up to its name – it is in truth immortal. And all thanks to the infinity of its cycles Mature. In other words, it is constantly evolving. Every time after ripening, the jellyfish just is born anew, namely, first becomes a polyp and grows back and so on to infinity.



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