7 most incredible living creatures immune to death. Yes, under such circumstances would have dropped any skates!

All these creatures know the secret, if not immortality, then longevity. They are able to survive in the most extreme conditions, which have less resistant organisms such circumstances would cause sudden death. There is a feeling that they are immune to death. To tell the truth, the appearance of many of them is disgusting. But looking at these almost immortal inhabitants of planet Earth, you are, in fact, know the secrets of eternity.

Dear reader, team information and entertainment online magazine is to your attention a selection of 7 most enduring creatures on Earth. Under such conditions, in which these organisms live, anyone would be discarded skates! ..

1. Wood Council
At first glance it might seem that a giant grasshopper. The blood of this insect contains a special protein that prevents blood clotting. That is why wood Council can survive at very low temperatures. She falls asleep. At the time of her internal organs cease to function. But it is worth it to wake up her body again starts to work actively.

2. Medusa Turritopsis nutricula
The only known immortal being on planet Earth. After a period of maturity, this jellyfish is returned to the initial stage of the polyp and starts ripening again - and so on to infinity.

3. Vestimentifera
These dvuhmetrovye beings live on the seabed in the pitch dark at a pressure of about 260 atmospheres and a water temperature of about +400 ° C. They have no bowel or mouth. These worms survive by symbiotic bacteria.

4. Tardigrades
This tiny living being as small as half a millimeter lives in ponds. It is also called "water bears." Tardigrades has a unique ability to adapt to different conditions. It can survive at a temperature of -100 and + 151 ° C, and is not afraid of radiation. Also, it is able to live in a vacuum and do up to 10 years without water.

5. Fish Lang
Lang - one of the few who survived to the present day lungfish. This creature has something in common with both the fish and amphibians with. She has gills and lungs. During the drought it is usually buried in the mud and becomes dormant.

6. The bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans
The bacterium that can withstand any lethal doses of radiation. Substances produced by this bacterium are able to heal wounds. There is speculation about extraterrestrial origin Deinococcus radiodurans.

7. Cockroach
Cockroaches can live without a head a few weeks. The fact that in the absence of the basic functions of the brain nervous system cockroach perform ganglia, which are on each part of the body of the insect.

Wait, they do not exactly have arrived from another planet? I was most surprised Tardigrada! Rumor has it these creatures are able to survive even in outer space. Tell us about these aliens who live next to us, his comrades.

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