In the movie, her daughter's rude stranger. But the act of the mother after the incident deserves respect!

Kesha Smith Wood drove his daughters and a son in the movie. But what then told her son about the behavior of girls, shook her to the core. It turned out that during the session they behaved loudly and apparently difficult for many, but only one woman found time to make his comments, which, however, had no effect on children. After the session, this woman came up to the girls and said that his behavior are spoiled her night with her daughter, and that since her husband lost his job, she did not know when they still have the opportunity to get into the movies. Heard Kesha shocked and pushed her to find a woman, which prevented her daughter, with the help of Facebook.

Kesha Smith Wood and her husband

Photo: Facebook

«This is the message as a shot into the sky, but I am looking for a woman who is today at 7 pm watching" Cinderella "in Tenehil Prime. I drove to the film two daughters and a son. Later, the son admitted that while watching the girls were rude and disgusting. The woman I am looking for, ask them to be quiet and show respect to the others, but they did not respond and continued to laugh loudly discussing something. When the movie ended, the stranger came up and said that they have spoiled her vacation with her daughter, and that it is not known when she was still able to reduce his girl to the movies, because her husband recently lost his job. If you are this woman, please contact me. I assure you that, with respect to the girls have taken the necessary measures and that they have received appropriate punishment. It is rude and disrespectful behavior is not permissible, and they owe you an apology. My husband and forced them to write a letter in which they ask for forgiveness, and they will have to pay you a visit with her daughter next film and a snack from their pocket money. Please email me if you will. I am very sorry that my daughters were themselves so ». I>

Rebecca Boyd and his daughter

Photo: Facebook

This message received a very warm response from the online community and was relayed many times that paid off, as desired woman was found. Rebecca Boyd was very surprised by this turn of events. The woman did not expect to meet such approval and support of mothers of girls, which she read in the cinema. Both mothers believe that they should support each other in such a delicate matter as the education of children. In addition to being very touched Rebecca Boyd behavior Keshi Smith Wood, the result of publicity her husband constantly receives all the new job offers!

The way the end of the story, can not but rejoice. These women have shown us all a good example of behavior. Like this? Be sure to share it with your friends!


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