How to use social media in the Arab world

As it turned out, the Arabs support freedom of speech on the Internet, they like Facebook, Twittеr and Gоogle+, but they absolutely do not use LinkеdIn.
Arab countries are famous for occurring in them scandalous events. For Westerners, Egypt, Tunisia or Bahrain is, first of all, exotic and somewhat dangerous places full of strange fanatical people. Very few people it is interesting that in these States, it is also popular in social media.


To evaluate how people in these countries get access to information and news, do they trust information sources and use social media, researchers from northwestern University of Qatar has made large-scale survey among residents in eight Arab countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE.


As it turned out, only 10% of Internet users in Arab countries use social networks. Against this background, Qatar. Despite the fact that the state is quite common phones and tablets, 26% of Internet users do not want to go in the social network.

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