Foil is a universal weapon in the fight for the vitamins

One of the best methods to retain vitamins during cooking — use foil. If you use high-quality foil

Thanks to the tightness of foil, you can cook meals without adding fat, which will give the opportunity to keep low calorie meals.


Because of the same leak the contents of the foil can be quickly heated to neobhodimoi temperature and holds it well. This will significantly reduce the cooking time, and therefore save a huge amount of vitamins.

Foil can replace the whole Russian oven: it is possible to prepare meals that will taste the same as cooked on the stove, in the ashes, on the fire. And all this in your comfortable and clean home kitchen.


Moreover, when storing products in a foil pouch, they longer retain their aroma, taste and wholesome properties. But we should not forget that in foil you cannot store raw meat, fish or foods with a pungent odor.

The taste of fish or meat that are prepared using foil in its own juices with vegetables that will please any foodie.

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