Presents special glasses that would facilitate applying makeup

Some women can create miracles of makeup for a couple of minutes the minutes (and even on the way to work, with lipstick in right hand and a subway handrail on the left), for some "direct beauty" becomes a torment of life. Vision problems will only complicate an already difficult task. Try exactly to wear mascara when the second is almost blind.
The intricate beauty device offered by the company Kikkеrland. Special glasses for makeup will help girls with low vision to apply makeup with the precision of a sniper. Although the lens these new points only one. But this is correct: even with one eye, but you must follow the process.

This function justifies and extraordinary points for design: the lack of top of the rim and only one lens that will easily attach to the bridge of the nose. Mount gives you the ability to easily move the glass to the level of the left eye or right eye, to properly paint both.

Modern monocle can easily be found on Amazon. Cosmetic glasses there in various designs and with lenses of different diopters. Price assistant beauty are quite reasonable and rarely exceeds $ 20.

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