"Magic wand" for shopping Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash - new gadget from the company Amazon, designed to simplify the purchase in the online store. Now no need to choose products from the tremendous catalog. Just enough to show the "stick" to the item you want to buy, click the button - and the same immediately add to your online shopping cart. The instrument detects the image of millions of items from a catalog Amazon.

If the product is not at hand and do not specify what, you can just say the name of a microphone - and the "magic wand" pass the information to an online store on WiFi. Doing so can purchase all family members. Even young children are able to show to the desired item. "Add items on the fly - make purchases throughout the day!" - The company encourages users to Amazon.

It is assumed that the first unit will need busy people who do not have time to go to the store every day. Amazon Dash works in conjunction with the service delivery of fresh food Amazon Fresh , and also recognizes the goods from the regular catalog Amazon.com.

Регистрация Dash for a free testing is available by invitation only.

I wonder if the owners of these "sticks" are more likely to make purchases, then Amazon is advantageous send them free to all and sundry.

P.S. Dimensions Amazon Dash: length 16 1 cm, thickness 2, 9 cm. In principle, instead of a separate instrument could make an application for a mobile phone. But it is not so easy. Besides, not everyone has a smartphone. Children and the elderly will not be able to install the mobile application, but to show items and click each capable.

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