Amazon will release a tablet for $ 50

On the eve of the winter holidays approaching Amazon plans to enter the market with a new offer - a 6-inch tablet for $ 50. The Wall Street Journal сообщает about this, referring to informed sources familiar with the situation within the company. Although the precise technical specifications of the tablet is not, its hardware filling will match its price, the buyer not intending to hit the screen quality and long battery life. This cheap device will complement other, more expensive offer from Amazon, which also intends to sell the tablets with a screen 8 and 10 inches, respectively. However, the price of these devices is that insider information is not.

We know that in the arsenal of the Amazon has already have some fairly well-known devices: first and foremost is the reader e-ink Kindle and Android-tablet Fire. The cheapest version of the Kindle costs $ 79, and this is the price below which the cost of the device can not be lowered due to the nature of production technology e-ink screens. On the other hand, to offer a tablet with a color screen for even a lower price than the Kindle, Amazon has transferred much of their development the Chinese Shanghai Huaqin Telecom Technology Co. and Taiwan's Compal Communications Inc. Own subdivision Amazon. engaged in consumer electronics and known as Lab126, engaged in the project sverhdeshёvogo tablet only partially. That is what made it possible to lower the price below the price of the tablet reader Kindle.

So far, the cheapest tablet that sells the Amazon, is the Kindle HD 6 with HD-screen in 1280x800 pixels with a 4-core processor at 1.5 GHz frequency and volume of internal storage of 8 or 16 GB. Its price is $ 99, so that the owner of the device was willing to watch ads or $ 114 without it. With smartphone Firephone, which Amazon also sold under its own brand, fared poorly: Wired at the end of last year I wrote , that the company's losses associated with the release of the smartphone, totaled $ 170 million, and stuck in warehouses unsold units at $ 83 million. It did not help that a two-year contract Firephone now costs just $ 1, while the beginning of its sales price was $ 199.



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