Apple will hire 86 specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning

The company launched a program through recruiting doctoral program and places dozens of jobs, пишет Reuters . Apple wants to make your smartphone even smarter, so will hire at least eighty-six experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Some experts believe that the strict position of the iPhone maker in matters of privacy will not interfere with it to compete in the rapidly growing field with Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Personal assistant and question-answering system Siri, developed for iOS and first launched in the iPhone 4S, has been a pioneer in its field. In the upcoming update Siri for iOS 9 system will get several new features.

Search Screen 9 in iOS will offer applications and contacts based on the location of the owner and what he was doing. Smartphone games offer home and business applications while working.

Calendar and Mail will offer recipients and events based on the event's history and correspondence. When the smartphone is connected to the car over Bluetooth, it will offer a playlist of music that the owner usually listens to the wheel.

Apple plans to further expand the capabilities Siri, what companies need specialists in the field of machine learning. Their work is complicated by the position of Apple's privacy issues - for example, the company does not see the content of the messages in the iMessage.



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