Steve Wozniak finally liked the movie about Steve Jobs c Michael Fassbender in the lead role

Co-founder of Apple shared Steve Wozniak in an interview with Deadline Hollywood impressions from viewing the new movie, "Steve Jobs," which will premiere Oct. 9, 2015: "I saw a draft of the film and felt like actually seeing Steve Jobs».

The main role in the new film igrael Michael Fassbender, known for the films "300" and "12 years of slavery" and the cycle of "X-Men". The role went to Seth Rogen Wozniak - who played one of the main roles in the controversial film «interview» .

The first official trailer for the film "Steve Jobs» released July 1, 2015 channel Universal Pictures at Youtube. Earlier in May, the network has a short teaser film.

Filming began in January 2015. Script was written by Aaron Sorkin, he also wrote the screenplay for "The Social Network." Directed biopic - Danny Boyle, best known for the Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" and the films "28 Days Later" and "Sunshine".

Michael Fassbender as opposed to Ashton Kutcher does not have a portrait resemblance to the original, but Steve Wozniak in an interview said: "I saw a draft of the film and felt like actually seeing Steve Jobs." After the previous film with Kutcher Wozniak talked about a lot of things wrong. Perhaps Jobs was too bright character, and in the new film of one of the important themes will be his rejection of his daughter, Lisa.



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