Amazon plans to use the Tesla battery in your data center

Amazon has announced that in the data center, serving Amazon Web Services, will be installed batteries Tesla. At the same time we are talking about the Western region of the US. The DC battery system installs Amazon Tesla 4.8 MWh.

Previously, the company Amazon announced its intention to move to 100% energy supply from renewable sources, including solar, wind and other types of "green" energy. Using batteries Tesla - part of the overall plan for the project.

The system is based on the Tesla batteries used in electric cars Tesla. In this battery system includes a battery itself, the electronic control system, temperature control system and other subsystems. Recall that such a system (for companies) called Powerpack. This system can be scaled, and even work in large enterprises. Thus, 100 kW units can be combined in a system of 500 kW to 10 MW and higher ...

According to one of the leaders of AWS, the battery is not the only element that is essential for reliable operation of "green" data center. However, the high capacity of this system allows you to store a solid amount of energy received from the sun, wind and other sources. At the same time in the dark (when used with solar panels) the stored energy can be used without problems, outfitted with electricity.

Developers from Amazon for a year worked closely with the engineering team Tesla, in order to get the system suitable for use in your data center. In addition, the developers have created a number of necessary software for the management of such a system in DC.

Batteries according to plan, will be installed before the data center goes to 100% "green" energy. The fact that the Tesla battery systems allow to store energy at a time when most inexpensive kW, so that the "expensive" time to use the accumulated electricity. In addition, the batteries will help the company to get rid of possible problems at peak power consumption modes.

By the way, not so long ago, Amazon opened a "cloud" of DC in Frankfurt, Germany. This data center, according to the authors of the project does not affect the increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. With this, you can argue, but the developers have tried to do everything to achieve a zero contribution DC in CO2 emissions in the region.

In April, the company joined the American Council on Renewable Energy, and also announced participation in the US PREF (US Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance), to ensure interoperability with the local authorities on the use of renewable energy sources for cloud providers.

Amazon claims that its "cloud" DC equipment companies (specially optimized) consumes about 1/8 of the energy consumed by a similar performance equipment Conventional data centers (server blade, and the like). In January, the company has teamed up with Amazon Pattern Development to participate in the project to build 150 MW wind farm in Indiana. This object is called Amazon Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge). Since January 2016, the station will start producing 500,000 MWh of energy. In this case, Tesla batteries can be used as efficiently as possible to ensure the accumulation of energy in its excess and return, at a time when the plant does not operate at full capacity.

Soon, these batteries can be used at other sites Amazon.



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