How to turn a person into a workaholic?

Michigan research has shown that these settings are largely inherited from parents. Not directly but with a certain peculiarity:
1. Orientation father's career prostimulirujte similar orientation in children, but workaholism mother – no. This can be explained by the fact that participants in experiments – people are Mature enough, and in the days of their childhood, the installation on a career considered it natural for men and strange women.

2. Mother largely depends on whether the child should continue to be addressed only as a source of livelihood. If teenage children are kept warm and close relationship with her mother, then they are less likely to perceive the work so pragmatic, they want something more than just money.

3. If a professional installation of both parents are the same, the chance that they will be transmitted to the child, becomes higher. But only if we will talk about the work that is perceived as a vocation: a child who sees the parents reject a purely pragmatic approach to work, and he puts cash incentives below moral and social.

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