Presents a unique chair that can charge your smartphone

The company "Pega D & E" presented another unusual design that greatly simplifies a person's life. It's a chair "Wind-Up Chair", which not only will help the person to relax, but also to charge the smartphone. And to sit and recharge your phone almost at the same time.
Seat and backrest of the chair, "Wind-Up Chair" made of natural wood, legs product is made of metal with plastic tips. USB charger located on the back of the dress from the outside, therefore, does not interfere with sitting. Holder USB cable is securely attached to the chair, to be able to hold it at a time when it is not used.
Eighty five million three hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred seventy four

In order to recharge the phone, you need to start the clock movement and connect the phone to the socket. Electricity is generated at a time when unwound the makeshift key, providing the power for the smartphone.

Forty nine million six hundred sixty eight thousand three hundred twelve

With an unusual chair, which was created without a single nail and glue, You can find here.

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