At CES showed universal cable USB Type-C

On Gikah Habré and repeatedly published news about the readiness USB Type-C cable to the production. It is worth mentioning that this cable - a universal, it can be inserted into the slot of any party. In addition, the cable support JavaScript Display Port.

Also, the cable can be used to work with the data on the standard SuperSpeed ​​USB (USB 3.1) and supply power (up to 100 watts of power).

It looked like render the cable, when the announcement of developers i>

Interestingly, the cable can be used to connect monitors with a resolution of 4096 * 2160 pixels (4K) and 30-bit color display. If you use all four lines in the mode DisplayPort Alt Mode, and can support high-resolution monitors 5K (and these have already been demonstrated on the CES), with the possibility of simultaneous USB 2.0 data transfer to reserved terminals USB Type-C.

Now, finally, the new product was demonstrated live.

The first device that works with the new cable, became tablet Nokia N1 . But there is no support for USB 3.1, only USB 2.0. So that devices with full support for the new standard yet to appear. Most likely, these devices will appear later this year.



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