Named the most useful products this winter

Rule # 1 of all dietitians sounds like this: eat seasonal products. The human body very long accustomed to a particular environment, and that his native cuisine is the most suitable for him. This means that we, born in these climates, where the winter from the first of December and before the first of April, so given these conditions and should live. Not without pleasures of the exotic, of course, but not to take them as a basis for power.


It has a lot of vitamins C, K, b vitamins, the fermentation Process will also enrich the cabbage lactic and acetic acids, which contribute to digestion.

Foods that are rich in vitamin D: eggs, fish, caviar, fish, liver, butter, milk
These products will enhance immunity, improve skin condition, eyesight and memory. Season for dairy products and fish always, but the winter sea fish, for example, becomes energetically more valuable, and milk – more fat.

Frozen berries

Preservation – the excess of past decades. People used to cook for the future drying, drying and freezing. Nutritionists advise to return to these traditions, especially, for the simple reason that to cook the berries in the freezer much easier than cooking jams. Frozen berries retain a lot more nutrients than boiled.

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