Unusual new year traditions that were seen in different countries

If You would like to meet next New year as something unusual and special and are ready even to go on a trip, maybe you can help our selection of the countries with the most incredible new year traditions.

Interesting to see off the old year in Ecuador. Each owner of the house makes an effigy of straw and sits down like he'd relax in front of the door. The dummy should sit holding a walking stick and pipe. New year's eve with the approach of 12 hours near the stuffed head of the family reads his last will and Testament. In it, he lists all the problems and troubles that befell his family last year.

The Vietnamese, as we celebrate the New year night. In the squares and parks you can see many lighted fires, near which is going for 2-3 families to celebrate together this event. Together they are cooking on the coal's special rice treats. All grievances and quarrels this night to forget and forgive and forgotten, as the New year in Vietnam – a real celebration of friendship.

Christmas feasts in Italy begin on December 13th. This day is called the day of St. Lucia. Italian Santa Claus is called Babbo Natale comes to the children on 24 December, and the end of the holidays, I think January 6, when the old witch Befana brings gifts to children on houses. It gives the chocolate only to those who are well-behaved and naughty on the festive tree has a special bag that the witch fills the coals. Before the holidays, on the advice of a Befana is a lot of Italians who love to have fun, throw out different accumulated trash straight out their Windows and watching the frightened reaction of passers-by.

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