The use of straw – innovation in eco-construction

Little eco house in the South of Finland
Wonderful cozy cottage in Finland. Small building in a rough style, which is lit by candles ‒ a great place for a summer vacation. Of course, the house may seem unusual and not very spacious, but relaxation is just what you need. It was built with the use of such natural resources as sand, stone, wood, straw and others. The walls are plastered inside the house.
Since the space inside the house is not much, the cottage made a special window in the ceiling. This is a nice addition that allows the owner of the house to admire the sky, stars and moon, watching as rain drops falling on glass.

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A house for hobbits
When it comes to tiny houses, which used straw, it is impossible not to talk about the home of the hobbits. This house is an excellent example of environmentally friendly buildings and innovative design. The owner of the house, from its construction, not set ourselves the goal of creating an environmentally friendly home or home for the hobbits. But as it turned out, his house — a vivid example of the realization of these styles and traditions.

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Wonderful a frame house from ModCell
When it comes to the house of straw, the first thing that came to mind is a small house in a rough rustic style hut, but certainly not a good home. Frame house built British campaign ModCell. This is a new approach to the usual construction using straw. The house is modern and quite spacious, not to mention the fact that it looks quite attractive.

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