Animals which do not know the fear of heights

Every species of animal has its own niche in the environment in which the species survives, as it turns out. Well, in this case, wild mountain goats took the most amazing and almost inaccessible to other animals niche – high and dangerous mountain cliffs. And these guys are not crazy, because these steep mountains provide them with many benefits, including protection from predators.
This kind of actually is a mountain antelope, but some of the "climbers" in these photos, for example, ibex and chamois in the genus of true goats.

All these animals have special adaptations that allow them to roam the steep slopes and cliffs of its mountainous habitat.
Unlike the horses ' hooves, the hooves of these goats are cloven, meaning that animals are able to better distribute your weight.
The hoof in the center a soft, while their edges are hard and firm, that enables animals "to grasp" for any, even the most tiny cracks or uneven rocky surface
Some of them even have hard and the rough cushion of the skin between the hooves to help them walk on rocky surface.

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