In Ukraine, want to go to the "green" economy

Quite a complicated situation with the Ukrainian economy forced the country's leadership to think seriously about methods of saving and devote significant efforts to the development of applications of energy efficient technologies, which would significantly reduce the level of consumption of imported energy.

Evidence of the selection of this vector, led to a series of decisions taken in Ukraine recently. In particular, the Ministry of environment plans to create an Academy of "green" economy, which will be entrusted with the mission of training managers who are able to work with increasing demands of energy savings. The graduates of this University should have all the knowledge necessary for the development of energy efficiency in sectors of the economy, and they must become the driving force behind the country's transition to sustainable energy use.

Another educational project in this direction should be the development of a number of seminars and training courses on sustainable development and conserve natural resources. The implementation of this idea is vested in the State ecological Academy of postgraduate education, and the authors of the project hope that the knowledge gained on such courses will help the current managers realize the full potential of energy efficiency in Ukrainian regions.

We are talking about energy-efficient construction, the level of which is now in the country is extremely low. In the case of its development, and mass distribution, to purchase housing that meets the international energy and environmental standards, or to rent an apartment in Kharkov for daily rent in energy efficient house, can any citizen of Ukraine.

In the Ministry of the environment expects that these and a number of other projects, will allow by 2020 to create in Ukraine an effective system of public administration, the basic principle of which will be the maximum amount of "green" technologies, high-quality transition to alternative energy and planned energy efficiency improvement in all sectors.



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