Protein diets take away years of life



The authoritative edition of Cell Metabolism published the results of two medical studies on diets based on reducing consumption, or the complete rejection of animal proteins, which showed that this type of food prolongs life. Initiator and Manager of the first research was made by the University of Sydney Professor Stephen Simpson. He together with his colleagues watched hundreds of mice, food groups which was based on 25 different diets. It turned out that a diet based on low consumption of carbohydrates and high proteins, despite the good performance of its main function – reducing weight significantly "shortened" life of laboratory rodents, increasing the risks of occurrence and development of diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. But those diets where proteins were replaced by carbohydrates, though insignificantly reduced the weight, but not contributed to the development of various diseases, and rodents, which "sat" on them, were characterized by a greater life expectancy.

The second study was organized by scientists from the University of southern California under the direction of Valter Longo. As the basis was taken the monitoring data for 6831 person whose age exceeded 50 years. These data in time were collected by the U.S. national center for health statistics. It turned out that those people who eat more than 20 percent of the calories were provided by protein foods, twofold increased mortality compared with those who have protein diet provides less than 10 percent of calories. In addition, the first group was recorded four times higher risk of death due to cancer and diabetes. Walter Longo, commenting on the findings, said that the protein diet, the damage to the damage to the body, commensurate with Smoking. Especially dangerous are animal proteins, which demonstrate even more frightening results than vegetable.






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