Interesting facts about most expensive food

There are foods and products that can't afford even a celebrity. This article will acquaint you with the list of foods not all rich people can afford.


This spice is recognized as the most expensive in the world. It is the stamens of a plant which belongs to the family krokusowa. The price is so huge because saffron is made manually. You must first collect and then dry. In order to produce 1 kilogram of saffron, be required of half a million bees. Now it becomes clear why one kilogram of saffron you need to pay up to $ 6,000.


We see the product in the list of the most expensive products are not very familiar. However, the variety of potato "La Bonnotte" is very expensive. One kilogram costs about 500 euros. Growing this variety of potato on the island Normate. The collection, of course, is a manual process. This potato has an unusually delicate flavor.


The kind of pizza you can try in its homeland – in Italy. Cost – 8300 euros, and it's called "Luis XIII". Pizza is made only in the presence of the client. It consists from red lobster, lobster, three types of caviar, mozzarella cheese, Buffalo shrimp. And salt use Australian pink "Murray River".


It is believed that the most expensive caviar – black or grey. And here and there. The most expensive caviar is caviar "Almas" Beluga-the albino. It is mined in Iran and the export is rather difficult. Pack the caviar in a gold jar. Per one hundred grams of caviar "Almas" will have to pay $ 2,000.


Of dakhunpao – the name of the most expensive tea in the world. The translation sounds as "Big red robe". Tea is harvested just six bushes growing near the monastery Tianxin. These bushes for the past 350 years. Every year from the bushes it was possible to collect not more than 500 grams of this famous tea. And it cost 685 000 dollars for one kilogram. In China national tea Museum gave the entire harvest in 2006. At tea collection, a moratorium was declared. Bushes of this variety of tea began to multiply in the late 80-ies of the vegetative method. But connoisseurs and tea lovers claim that grown cha does not go in any comparison with the "Big red robe".


Japanese marbled beef cows, Wagyu is considered the most expensive in the world. Groom with particular care. Cows are fed the best grass. Every day they are given the same sake and beer. The Japanese did not allow for a long time to take the cows and grow in any other place. At the moment cows are bred not only in Japan but also in Australia. In Europe in just 200 grams of fillet pay more than $ 100. And for the most tender pieces you can put up to $ 1,000.

White truffle

A certain price for this delicacy simply does not exist. And all because to buy each mushroom is only possible at the auction.


Due to its beneficial qualities, this product is known to everyone. Macadamia is the world's most expensive nut. Today grow only two kinds of nuts. Macadamia nuts are rare because, despite the fact that the tree can bear fruit for a hundred years, he needed special care. Per year produced approximately 40 tons. In those countries where the nuts grow, the price per kilogram is more than $ 30.


This dish is called "Florette Sea&Earth". To try this salad only in the Oxford hotel "Le Manoiraux Quat Saisons". The name of the salad translates as "Paretsky sea and land". Composition of salad Cornish crab, young paretsky salad, 50 grams of selected white Beluga caviar, lobster, grated truffles, asparagus, olive oil, lobster, red pepper and potatoes. All the dish is decorated with Golden foil. And the price for a salad is € 800.



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