Environmental car GLOBETROTTER: new design breakthrough


Can you imagine yourself behind the wheel of ultra-light plastic solar vehicle? If designer Harsha Ravi, was not wrong – little and green Globetrotter car will be the future. Car Ravi does not depend on fossil fuels, the inventor uses environmentally friendly technologies, and also trims weight and more of today's eaters of ozone. The body is made of carbon neutral bioplastics that 12% petroleum-based and 88% of corn-based, reduces energy consumption by 30%. And that's not all: the zinc-air fuel cell, nano-paper battery, airless tires, nanogramme to absorb solar energy while parked to charge its batteries, and woven materials on the seats. Globetrotter is, indeed, a "neat" car for the environmentally savvy consumer

Ravi has designed his first car at the age of 13, Ravi was born in Chennai, India, student of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. It is extremely environmentally friendly, the car was selected from 17 nominees for the competition this year. Evaluation criteria included innovation, intelligence of design, visual impact and form, functionality, quality and design to production and maintenance, ergonomics and semantics, security and environmental protection.




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