Circumcision protects men from prostate cancer

Researchers at the University of Montreal found that if circumcision is performed after the age of 35 prostate cancer can be prevented. The effect is especially noticeable for black males.

Analysis of the data 2114 men have shown that men circumcised after 35 years, gets cancer prostate 45 percent less than undergoing such an operation. The cancer diagnosis was delivered to half of this group. Prostate cancer is rare amongst Jewish or Muslim men, the majority of whom are circumcised. Although the exact reasons for this remain unknown, three risk factors were identified: aging, heredity of cancer and African ethnic origins.

Among the 178 blacks who took part in the study, the risk of prostate cancer they have 1.4 times higher than among whites. 30% of black men were circumcised compared to 40% of white males. The protective effect of circumcision in black men is that the risk of developing prostate cancer was reduced by 60%.

Researchers do not know why the mechanism of circumcision protects men from prostate cancer. However, many studies have shown that this operation reduces the risk of infection transmitted through sexual contact. "Unlike the skin that covers our bodies, the inner surface of the foreskin consists mainly of neorogovevshey mucosal epithelium, which can easily penetrate the germs that cause infection," explained one of the researchers. Perhaps the removal of the foreskin may reduce the risk of infection, which is affected by prostate cancer. In any case, the protective effect of circumcision needs to be confirmed in other studies, especially given the relatively small black men who participated in the study.



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