What herbs can be planted in the garden

Last year from a friend in the flower garden saw a plant with interesting carved leaves. She said it was chervil, broke and gave to try, I liked it. We have a small plot, to provide a separate bed for herbs is not possible. There was a desire to plant in the flower garden decorative, spicy taste and aromatic herbs to combine business with pleasure. Could you tell me what plants are suitable for this purpose and how to use them? To combine flower garden with decorative herbs is a great idea, is feasible in most parts of our country. Less hassle is with perennials, and they should be given preference.

The first is to think about the different bows. How to use them, they know everything. The earliest Welsh green feathers appear literally from under the snow. Later appears slizun with flattened leaves that almost stiffen throughout the season.,

Chives are the most delicate and the most useful dietary values. Years Luke unpretentious, special care is required, easily propagated by seeds and division of plants. They are cold-hardy (winter without shelter), beautiful bloom.

In addition to bows from the perennials have decorative oregano, hyssop, Catnip, etc. the height of the oregano from 30 cm to 75. It stems erect, slightly pubescent. The leaves are medium-sized (to 4 cm), oblong-ovate. Small purple flowers form corymbiform inflorescences. Has a strong aroma. In cooking, used leaves, which are harvested from June to October. They are added to grilled meat, fish, vegetable oil (for flavor), brew tea, used for medicinal purposes.

Blue hyssop or St. John's wort – spherical shrub height of about 55 cm with straight branched stems. Its leaves are small, narrow, bluish-green. The flowers are two-lipped, lilac-blue, collected in a loose spike inflorescence. For culinary purposes are collected in the upper third of the shoots, dried and used to flavor dishes. This plant is used in folk medicine.

Peppermint can be from 30 cm to 1 m in height. Blooms with small lavender flowers, gathered with a spike inflorescence. All kinds of aromatic. For the flower garden it is desirable to choose medium plants. The leaves are used for brewing teas, cooking syrups syrup, as well as for medical purposes.Catnip cat has a characteristic lemon odor. The height of the erect stems can be from 40 cm to 1 m. Leaves ovate, slightly wrinkled, with rounded toothed edges. The flowers are white or lilac-blue, in spike-like inflorescences. The leaves are used in salads, added to fish, meat dishes, sauces, use for medical purposes. Lofant (agastaches wrinkled) are not very decorative, but very useful, no wonder it is called "Russian ginseng." Gustooblistvennye stems can exceed 1 m. Flowers small, pale or dark purple, rarely white, in dense spicate inflorescences. The entire aerial part can be used in salads, for welding of teas and as medicines. Winters only in the South, in other regions, you need shelter. Monarda (also called bergamot) can be the leader of the flower garden or as a backdrop for the medium and small partners. Its height is about 1 m, stems erect, branched. Leaves oblong-tapering, serrated on the edges. Small bright colors (maroon, blood red, etc.) are collected in capitate inflorescences, which are located one above the other. In cooking, use dried leaves. They flavor dishes, loved by many brewed tea with bergamot, is used for medical purposes.

In a flower garden, you can add and annual crops: Basil, curly parsley, chervil, borage, etc. They are an interesting color and shape of leaves and is always handy on the table.

Experiment, perhaps not all herbs "will fall to the court," but something must be settled permanently.

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