Creative spiral flower gardens. 21 a simple way to create a flower bed of your dreams.

Here come the summer and, despite the fickle weather, I can't get enough of her trips to the country. This year I wanted to do something new for your garden. But since the square footage I have is quite modest, to pick an interesting flower bed turned out to be not so simple.

Literally this weekend from my roommate I learned a tremendous idea. It flowerbed-spiral (or bed-snail), which can be used for planting herbs or vegetables, and flowers.

Decorative cumbitara flowerbed just an amazing find for a small flower garden! Not only that, it turns out unusual, bright or very nice. Bed and is something of nothing — decorative border can be made of any available materials such as stones, wooden logs, remnants of bricks or even old plastic bottles. The choice depends only on your imagination and desires.

In addition, even the simplest of flowers look at this bed a winner. Well, to create it, even an inexperienced gardener!

Edition «Site» prepared for you 21 inspirational the idea of creating a spiral flower bed. Brighter solution for even a small area of the site.

  1. Your children will just love such a decorative option!
    Twenty five million four hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred three

  2. A stunningly simple idea of flower beds spring and fairly lightweight in the world.
    Fifty million one hundred two thousand nine hundred seventeen

  3. And this is a perfect solution for planting greenery.
    Eighty seven million five hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred thirty four

  4. This flowerbed a snail can be planted low flowers, such as daisies or pansies. For separation, you can use bricks or plates inserted vertically in the ground.
    Ninety nine million three hundred sixty seven thousand six hundred forty

  5. Cute bed spring steel gabion. In this flower garden you can plant conifers and plants with beautiful leaves.
    Fifty six million eight hundred forty three thousand eight hundred fifty two

  6. On spiral herb garden you can create multiple climatic zones, which will house the appropriate herbs. For example, the upper part is more dry area here, the water naturally flows down and percolates through all layers of the soil. The upper area is the ideal place for hardy herbs. The lower part is more suitable for water-loving plants.
    Fifty eight million six hundred fifty thousand eight hundred forty six

  7. To make such a bed-spiral in the suburban area quite simply. Fence are stones laid neatly around the flower beds. You should consider the size that the entire flower can be seen at a single glance. Then this design will look even more spectacular!
    Fifty million six hundred eighty thousand one hundred ninety five

  8. Bright curved spiral pleasing to the eye, creating beauty and always attract attention. Especially if the majority of garden structures is a low horizontal beds.
    Ninety million one hundred seventy nine thousand four hundred seventy two

  9. A good solution for flower beds-snails with rounded stones.
    Twenty six million nine hundred ninety three thousand five hundred three

  10. And here is another version of the spiral flower garden.
    Sixty nine million seven hundred fifty one thousand nine hundred twenty four

  11. Interesting solution, isn't it?
    Three million eight hundred forty thousand two hundred thirty

  12. I like this version of the flower beds with a border of logs. For its production need to cut logs for the wooden decks of different lengths and dig them into the ground. Start from the highest, the transition to the lower, forming a kind of snail. Wonderful!
    Ninety million six hundred fifty six thousand two hundred sixty four

  13. To build a spiral flower with your hands on the force almost everyone.
    Five million two hundred seventy five thousand four hundred six

  14. The stone can just be pretty Packed. This will be enough if the stones are heavy.
    Thirty million five hundred six thousand seventy three

  15. And this, of course, my favorite. The more that I have preserved the remains of bricks from the construction of cottages.
    Ninety six million five hundred ninety seven thousand seven hundred thirty nine

  16. Good idea spiral flower bed with a border of wood. The bars dug into the ground, in fertile soil planted with flowers and herbs.
    Twenty six million two hundred twenty five thousand one hundred thirty six

  17. You can try to make a flowerbed spiral and plant, say, flowers, and herbs. Very handy thing, if you choose the right plants.
    Sixty nine million three hundred sixty four thousand seven hundred seventy five

  18. Interesting solution, but instead of this sculpture I would put something else, for example the shape of a turtle.
    Fifteen million three hundred eighty one thousand eight hundred seventy nine

  19. How about this interesting variant design of the flowerbeds?
    Thirty eight million four hundred six thousand five hundred seventeen

  20. Sometimes even to plant something in a flower bed the snail is not desirable. It is complete in its design, even without plants.
    Fourteen million five hundred forty thousand two hundred thirteen

  21. On a small bed of spiral or round shape can accommodate many types and varieties of any grasses.
    Seventy five million two hundred ninety two thousand sixteen

Such spiral flower garden organically fit both large and small in the infield. On a small land area you can put a large number of plants. This bed is perfect for a variety of areas, including for sites for a barbecue. After all, you always have on hand is fresh herbs!

Also I suggest you watch an interesting collection of ideas for flower beds at the cottage of old junk.

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